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The American Hairless Terrier needs a little more care and grooming than your average coated dog breed. Their body has the same needs we do: moisturiser when dry, sunscreen in the sun and warm clothes in the cold.
Use sunscreen when your dog is in the sun for long periods and remember to re-apply regularly if they are actively running around. Sunburn is very dangerous and painful, so be careful and use the right protection. SPF 30 or above is recommended. Use a product that is specially formulated for dogs as this will be free from perfume or anything else not suitable for your dog.
Protection from the sun can also come from clothes, and these days you can buy all sorts of items for your dog. Maybe you can even fashion your own? Different clothes for all weathers. If it is warm and sunny - just a cotton t-shirt to keep cool yet protected and in colder weather a fleece or something warmer when out for a walk or going for a pee. Remember . . it can still be cool in the shade or your dog is sitting in a draughty spot. Wash your dog’s clothes in a non-biological washing powder, and rinse thoroughly after, as some dogs can be allergic to normal washing powder. The same applies to the dog’s bedding.
Bath Time
American Hairless Terriers need their skin to be kept clean; a bath a couple of times a week will be sufficient to keep their skin in good condition. If their skin becomes dry, lotion (without lanolin) can be applied. You also have to be careful choosing a dog shampoo; non-perfumed and “for sensitive skin” is best. American Hairless Terrier’s don’t have the major skin problems commonly seen in other hairless dogs. Sometimes they will get a rash on their skin only because of their lack of hair. Rashes due to grass allergies are not that uncommon, but can be avoided with protective clothing.

Their nails should be kept trimmed.